In-Home Clinic Care

Providing Exceptional In-Home Care

The Healthcare Your Loved One Needs

When we take care of your loved ones, you will be glad to know that we have on-call nurses on our staff. We also offer telehealth visits, routine health screenings, wellness programs, and evaluations that aid in memory care and therapy. Much like you, we want to make certain that your loved ones are progressing and benefiting from living in our luxury premium care assisted living homes in greater Houston.

How In Home Care Works

In-home healthcare goes hand-in-hand with our custom care plans for each individual. Working with medical professionals, we develop a custom healthcare plan for each resident that entails psychosocial, psychological, physical, and behavioral health. In-home care ensures convenient access to appointments as well as one on one care.

In-Home Healthcare at Our Houston Assisted Living Homes is Right for Your Loved One

At Anointed Individuals 4 Care, we take pride in honoring our purpose of bringing light into your loved one’s life and our passion for taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Our senior transitional living homes offer onsite care for optimal health, attention, and convenience. Because AI4Care is a smaller setting, physicians and therapists can fully dedicate themselves to each individual through telehealth visits, frequent assessments, and professional evaluations.

When to Transition to an Assisted Living Home

Moving your loved one to an assisted living home is a big decision. The following are things you should consider when determining if you should transition your loved one to assisted living/memory care housing:

  • They received a dementia diagnosis 
  • They are not safe by themselves (wandering off at night, getting lost, etc)
  • You cannot provide adequate care for them yourself
  • They require 24/7 care
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Telehealth Visits

Today, important medical appointments are all the more accessible thanks to the emergence of telemedicine brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. By offering telemedicine appointments between doctors and their patients, individuals living at our Houston assisted living homes feel safer and well cared for right in the comfort of our home.

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Frequent Assessments

Healing and health are not just about being prescribed certain medications and following a specific health regimen. Although these certainly start individuals on the path to a brighter life, it’s important to assess their progress as they continue their journey. If your loved one is suffering from a certain medical diagnosis, rest assured that they will get frequent assessments so we can see how much their health has improved over time and make adjustments to their care plan as necessary.

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In addition to getting regular assessments, we document milestones in your loved one’s journey to better health. Not only does this give us a chance to celebrate them, but this also serves as a time to benchmark their progress, aiding us in designing and improving their care plan.