About Us

Let Us Help You Shine Your Light

Who We Are

Anointed Individuals 4 Care is a mother-daughter owned, evidence-based health and human services company. Family-oriented and family-structured, we offer luxurious, premium care homes in Greater Houston for individuals with medical diagnoses, psychological diagnoses, developmental diagnoses, and behavioral challenges. Our team of medical professionals know that individuals with special care needs are extraordinary people who need and deserve extraordinary care, and we are fully equipped to provide it to them with our assisted living homes.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: Our vision is to position Anointed individuals 4care LLC as the world’s leader in mental health wellness programs and premium service care plans for assisted living homes and long-term care homes

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide luxury premium care housing for individuals with psychological and/or developmental diagnoses and strive to help reduce commonly known health challenges, enhance wellness, and maximize their abilities.

Our Core Values

Extraordinary Quality Care

Health is a journey, and in taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves, it is our job to provide extraordinary quality care that holistically addresses all of their health needs.


Highest Level Of Ethics And Integrity

We understand that when searching for an assisted living home for your loved one, you want to be certain that they will be treated well. By placing a high value on ethics and integrity, you can rest assured that no matter what illness, disorder, or disability they have, they will be looked after with the utmost compassion and respect.


Exceptional Customer And Health Services

It is critical for the individuals residing in our Houston assisted living homes to enjoy high-quality living, so we are proud to offer exceptional customer service and health services. Your loved one will feel safe on their road to brighter living and you will feel confident and respected as you support them.

Shining Your Light

We view individuals with special needs as treasures deserving of love and care. Our residents know that they are loved the moment they come through the doors.

Our motto is that, no matter what, let your light shine through and always live in your truth. We are teaching our residents to not allow their circumstances define their destiny and that they can, in fact, live independently beyond their situations. 

By following a holistic approach to each resident’s health, enhancing every individual’s abilities, and getting to know our residents for who they are beyond their illnesses, we successfully bring light into the lives of those who need it.

Our Approach

We are incredibly unique with our alternative methods and holistic approach to your loved one’s health. We are the voice for the voiceless and advocates for those who cannot care for themselves, and we take pride in our remarkable approach to supporting and treating your loved one as they navigate their lives:

Our Program

Our program consists of five services:

  1. Residential Homes
  2. In-Home Clinic Care
  3. Activity Day Center
  4. Psychological / Behavioral Support
  5. Health Services

Collectively, these services encourage and enhance the lives of our residents. We are enriching our residents’ lives by balancing their physical, social, emotional/mental, and spiritual lifestyles through activities that will stimulate their mind, body, and spirit. At Anointed Individuals 4 Care, we look at the good in every situation and believe that there is a bright side somewhere.

Our Offerings

While we currently focus solely on senior transitional housing in Houston, we soon plan to expand our services. In doing so, we can help more individuals shine their light.

Coming soon:

  • Childcare Residential Treatment Care (RTC) Foster Homes
  • Special Needs Care for Human and Health Services (HHS), including ID, IDD, mental trauma, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety
  • Spectrum Care for Autism
  • Substance Abuse Care for Sober Living

Our Network

Our staff is made up of anointed, gifted, and talented experts that strive to make a difference in the lives of our extraordinary residents.

Yolanda Kent - Owner

20 years as special needs preschool teacher and Christian family counselor

Sholanda Kent - Founder and Program Manager

Bachelor of Science in Human Health and Services, with an emphasis in Family and Child Development/Psychology

Assisted Living Manager certified, with over 20 years of experience

Certified Nurse Assistant, with over 10 years of experience

Community Leader as an Autism Advocate for over 5 years

Certified Mental Health Technician, with over 3 years of experience

House Manager for Intelligence Development Delay (IDD) and Intelligence Delay (ID) individuals for over 2 years’ experience

Angela Cormier

Director of Psychologist
LPC with on Track Counseling

Gwen Chuba

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Lutricia Harrison DNP, APRN

Visiting Nurse Practitioner

Kelly Hansen MS, BSN, RN,

Quality Assurance Registered Nurse

Michelle Montgomery

Project Manager 
PMP with Blue Sky Solutions

Dedra Raymond

Director of Mental Health and Healthcare Services
Healthcare Administrator with Ray of Hope and Target Home Health

Dr. King Mason Jr.

Holistic Physician
Alternative Therapy and Nutrition Functional Medicine

Charels Ojevwe

Nature Green Leaf Pharmacy

Shonah Jefferson

Director of Food and Nutrition
Executive Chef with Chefs for Seniors